Circular Knitting (Traditional Knitting)

Yesterday, I went to the local second-hand craft store and picked up 4 circular knitting needles and a book on circular knitting for $15. This might be very brave and stupid or brilliant – time will tell.

I figured if I’m going to be in bed for 2 weeks recuperating from surgery, maybe I’ll have the patience to watch a few videos and attempt a simple circular knitting project. The couple of times I tried to learn traditional knitting, I couldn’t figure out casting on and doing the first row and just gave up.

I probably would’ve done better if I’d had someone guide me through it rather than trying to follow along with a book. But now there is YouTube! I learned loom knitting on YouTube, so maybe I’ll have some luck with learning circular knitting as well.

We’ll see how much patience I have since traditional knitting is more time consuming than loom knitting. It already takes me a few days to knit a scarf on the loom. 🙂 I like the ease of loom knitting and that it’s not as stressful on my hands/arms. I think I will need to bring out the wrist braces for this experiment.

Have you tried traditional circular knitting? If you knit on a loom and also knit with circular or straight needles, which do you like best?