My Loom Knitting Projects

This is a list of most of my completed projects. I may also include a few works in progress. I compiled a list both to keep track for myself of the projects I’ve made, but also to show new knitters what you can accomplish with loom knitting.
Most of the projects are done with Red Heart, Caron, and Lion brand yarns.
1. Camouflage garter stitch scarf – Red heart camouflage yarn – Boye Loom
2. Teal garter stitch scarf – Red Heart Soft in the teal color – Boye Loom
3. Smaller teal infinity scarf – Red Heart Soft in the teal color – Boye Loom
4. My godmother’s scarf – Red Heart Super Saver multi-color yarn with single strand garter stitch – Boye Loom
5. Pink kitty ears hat– Specialty pink yarn – KB hat loom
6. Yellow spiral hat – Red Heart Super Saver yarn in two shades of Yellow – Loops & Threads 36-peg loom
7. Mother-in-law’s fuzzy brown scarf – Brown chenille yarn with figure 8 stitch  – KB hat loom
8. Multi-color hat /scarf (work in progress) – Red Heart Super Saver multi-colored yarn – KB hat loom
9. Garter stitch baby hat (charity)– Loops & Threads 24-peg round loom
10. Rib knit baby hat (charity) – Loops & Threads 24-peg round loom
11. Brown Slipper (I only made one test piece; I need to make adjustments before making any more) – Loops & Threads 24 peg round loom
12. Garter Stitch Hat for Me – Loops & Threads 36-peg round loom
13. Blue multi-color hat for my niece – Loops & Threads 36 peg round loom
14. Red seed stitch baby/child hat (charity) Loops & Threads 31 peg loom
15. Pink Office Chair cover for me – Loops & Threads Barcelona yarn in Peony (pink) – Loops & Threads 62-peg loom
16. Purple 0mbre double-knit scarf – KB 32-peg loom from the Loom Knitting Basics kit
17. Purple spiral hat work in progress – 36-peg Loops & Threads round loom
18. Rib and garter stitch hat with purple ombre yarn (charity) – 32-peg KB Loom Knitting Basics loom
19. Gray criss-cross stitch scarf – KB All-in-One loom and unknown gray yarn (might be a Caron or Red Heart Soft, it came from a misc. bag of yarn)
20. Green basket-weave hat for my niece – Knitting Board All-in-One Loom
21. Mother’s Day scrubbies – Loops & Threads 24-peg loom
22. Purple, brown & blue scarf (work in progress) – Criss-cross stitch on All-in-One loom
23. Olive/Forest Green scarf for friend – triple knit stitch on the KB Loom Knitting Basics loom
24. Purple scrubbies for my friend’s birthday.
25. Holiday scrubbies in red and white.
26. Figure 8 Double-Knit scarf in purple Barcelona yarn.
27. Another Figure 8 Double-Knit scarf in purple Barcelona yarn.
28. Baby Hat on KB Baby-Knit Looms with Caron soft yarn (multi color blue).
29. Baby Booties (work in progress) – Caron Soft Yarn on KB Baby-Knit Looms.
30. Roman Stitch Hat (Baby) in Country Blue & Monet Print Super Saver Yarn – Darice 31-peg loom.
31. Roman Stitch Hat (Child Size) in Country Blue & Monet Print Super Saver Yarn – Darice 36-peg Loom.
32. Garter stitch hat with rib stitch brim in Peony (pink) Barcelona yarn on 36-peg Darice Loom.
33. Red Moss Slip Stitch Scarf (work in progress) – in Red Heart Soft Wine color on white loom from KB Round Loom Set.
34. Black spiral hat for me – Red Heart with Love Metallic yarn – 36-peg loom from the Darice loom set.