About Venus

I started loom knitting in December 2018. It all began with a spontaneous trip to JoAnn Fabrics where I grabbed a Boye medium loom. I’d never knitted before – the few times I tried to learn casting on, I was hopelessly confused. I have crocheted before, but counting stitches was always a challenge for me.

After making my first scarf, I was hooked! I love loom knitting. I now have over 20 looms of assorted sizes! I love the fact that I can always count my pegs to keep the stitch count and I can easily add stitch markers to the loom to track what I’m doing. I love the versatility of looms as well – there are so many looms out there – round looms, long / rectangular looms, wood looms, plastic looms, afghan looms, and small flower looms. You can make almost anything on a loom.

On this blog, I’ll post about my projects, give tips and recommendations I pick up along the way, share my favorite patterns, and I’ll also post the occasional review. I might even post a crochet project or two if the mood strikes, but this blog will largely be focused on looms and loom knitting.

In my non-looming life, I love writing, reading, watching shows like Game of Thrones and Empire (hmm, I’m sensing a theme here!), listening to music, cooking, and singing karaoke! I also love cats. I have one fur baby – a curious and sweet gray, long-haired kitty who loves yarn and string and likes to distract me when I’m knitting.

My partner is also very crafty. He is a woodworker and makes beautiful pens and household items on the lathe. He encourages my knitting and enables me with trips to Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics – even though I have a few plastic tubs full of yarn already. 🙂

If you’d like to see which projects I’m working on, you can view my list of projects or you can check out the list of looms I have.