Triple Stitch Scarf


A few months ago, I made a green triple stitch scarf. My friend wanted a scarf in olive green or forest green, so I tried to find a happy medium between the two. I think I used Joy DK yarn by Loops & Threads in “Leaf” green.

The stitch pattern comes from Loom Knit Stitch Dictionary by Kathy Norris. It is published by LeisureArts. They are the makers of the Oval Loom set.

If you google triple stitch or triple knit, you are going to find other stitch patterns, just a warning. Ms. Norris does say that some people call this stitch the “chunky braid stitch”. This stitch pattern is designed to look similar to a knit stitch, but you’ll see a strand of yarn running horizontally behind the loops. For some reason, my scarf didn’t quite come out like the picture in the Loom Knit Stitch Dictionary. I think I needed to use a worsted weight yarn. My loom was a small gauge, but would’ve worked better with a #4, the yarn in the pictures is DK weight.

The Triple Stitch is an easy stitch to learn. If you can e-wrap, you can do this one. It’s a good beginner stitch because you don’t need to know how to purl.

I made the scarf on my KB Loom Knitting Basics loom (the 32-Peg Basic Loom is also sold separately if you don’t want the kit). You can make this scarf on a small gauge loom or use a thicker yarn and make it on a wide gauge. All you need is a loom that has as least 24 pegs. The scarf was about 20-22 pegs across. I think I used 20, but I can’t remember.

I used the triple stitch all the way across and back. I did not neaten the edges by doing a single knit stitch on the ends. Some knitters like a smoother edge, so they will make the first and last stitch on a row a knit stitch.

Here you can see the front and back of the knit stitch pattern. The left side is the knit side.


I think I need a little more practice with this stitch to make it come out neater and more professional looking the way it does in the book. But it was fun to try out a new stitch. Next time, I’ll pay a little closer attention to the yarn weight!

Please check back soon for a review of the Loom Knit Stitch Dictionary. Oh, and if you missed my review of the KB Loom Knitting Basics loom, here it is.

What is your favorite type of knit stitch pattern?


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