One Year of Loom Knitting!

One year paper confetti sign.

It’s been one year since I started knitting my first garter stitch scarf from a pattern on a Loomahat video. Since then, I’ve made roughly 30 projects. Most were scarves, hats, or scrubbies.

The easiest were my garter stitch scarves, the scrubbies, and the double-knit stockinette scarf I made. The hardest was a criss-cross stitch double-knit scarf. The pattern is beautiful, but it’s a challenge to follow if you aren’t experienced with loom knitting and most of the videos out there are confusing to follow. At some point, I hope to write a post about the criss-cross stitch.

My present to myself for the holidays this year is a Baby Loom set from Knitting Board. It’s called “Baby Knit Looms” and right now you can find it on Amazon,, or the Authentic Knitting Board website. I don’t have any kids, but I just love seeing other loomers make baby sets. They are so adorable! This loom ranges from $11-$15, depending if you catch it on sale. You can make baby hats and baby booties with it.


This week, I downloaded a book from loom knitter, Scarlett Royale. She has some of her animal knit patterns available as an ebook on Kindle Unlimited. If you like ebooks, Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription (like Netflix or Hulu) that allows you to pay a flat monthly fee to read thousands of books. You can only check out so many at a time, but it’s a good way to try something out before you buy. Scarlett’s 50 Loom Knitted Stuffed Animal Pattern Collection is normally $30, so this will allow me to try out a couple of patterns and make sure I like them before I buy the whole book. 50-loom-knitted-stuffed-animal_scarlett_royaleI’ve also had my eye on Pat Novak’s Knitting Board Basics book. I think it’s a beginner’s guide, but I like collecting loom knitting books for reference. I told my honey if anyone asks what to get me for Christmas to get me this or the KB Round Loom set.

I already have the All-in-One loom so technically I don’t need the baby looms or round looms, but I find round looms a bit easier to hold than the big rectangular looms unless I’m knitting at my desk, so I figured I’d at least put it out there. (For those who missed my review of the All-in-One loom, you can find it here.)

For those who were following along with my previous posts, I just had my second surgery and all seems to be healing well, so I hope to post more in 2019. My goal is to put up some book reviews and link to more patterns and loom knitting tips.

Have a very happy and healthy holiday season and I’ll see you guys soon!

Tell us: what’s on your knitting wish list?



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