Loom Review – Knitting Board All-in-One Loom

I bought the Knitting Board All-in-One Loom several months ago, but didn’t have a chance to play with it until April. The All-in-One Loom is designed to be a single loom that can accomplish multiple projects of different sizes – hats, scarves, blankets, socks, baby clothes and various double-knit and round-loom projects.

The loom is 18 inches and is set up with wooden spacers, bolts, washers, and nuts so that you can adjust the spacing of the loom. You can use the really small spacers for double-knits, and you can use the larger spacers with pegs on them for knitting in the round or for doing blanket panels.

The loom has a smaller gauge than the typical inexpensive, plastic looms you might buy from your local craft store or Amazon. You can knit hats and scarves without having to double your yarn (unless you’re using a fine yarn). A single strand of #4, worsted-weight yarn works great.

The All-in-One is long, so turning it and knitting the little spacer pegs can be a bit awkward until you get used to it (especially if you’re making a smaller item where you have to reach in between the long side pieces to get to the spacer that’s in the middle. Check out the pictures below. I’ve positioned the spacer as if you were making baby booties or something really small.


So far, I’ve made a double-knit scarf and a basket-weave hat on the All-in-One loom. Overall, I like it, though initially, I didn’t like that there were only two of the small spacers.

Note for double-knitting:

The small, skinny spacer juts out a little no matter which direction I install it and depending on where you place these spacers, your loom may wobble, especially if you’re knitting on a table or desk rather than in your lap. I asked Knitting Board if it was possible to order an extra spacer to make the bottom of the loom more balanced (they did oblige me and I was able to get two more small spacers). I just need to buy the extra bolts and nuts for them from the hardware store.

Here is an example of how the small spacers jut out at the bottom when you’re using them for double-knitting. This happens even if I turn them in the other direction where they are wider rather than taller.

Oh, I should also mention: when you first change the loom size, it might be hard to get the bolts out. To get my bolts out, I set the loom on its side with the tail/screw end of the bolt on the table and the head of the bolt in the air. I then rock the loom a little and tap it against the table and then the bolt pops out. You could potentially use a hammer or other object to gently tap on the bolts to loosen them from the wood. Just be careful not to damage the loom.

My overall thoughts:

I think the loom is a good buy if you can’t afford to get lots of different looms or you have space constraints and you want one loom that does almost everything. Or if you prefer a small gauge loom and don’t mind the length.

Those with severe arthritis or other dexterity issues might have a harder time with the loom because of the narrow gauge and the awkward size.

Quality-wise, the loom is good. I really like Knitting Board’s looms because they are sturdy, easy to assemble and they are well-constructed.

Overall, I do like the All-in-One loom and will consider it a staple in my collection, but for smaller items, I like my Knitting Board Basics loom because it is more portable, easy to hold in your hand and I don’t have to worry about it wobbling if I’m using a small spacer. I think the basics loom is the same as the 10-inch loom (if you don’t need the booklet and crochet needle). I also have the adjustable hat loom, which is lighter and while it’s also fairly long, it’s a little easier to manipulate when working in the round.

Rating: I give this loom 4.5 stars.


*Disclosure: I purchased this loom and did not receive any compensation for this review. All opinions are my own. This post does include affiliate/advertising links.

7 thoughts on “Loom Review – Knitting Board All-in-One Loom

  1. Jodie kingsley

    Hi I lost my bults for my knitting loom do you know where I can get. Bults for this knitting loom please help thanks I need the. Bults


  2. Melody Marquez

    Jodie Take your loom [inc wing nuts and washers if you still have them] with you to the local Hardware store [Ace, Home Depot or Lowes] for replacement Bolts. Much less costly, no shipping charges. Save money anywhere you can and you can purchase another loom from AKB in the future.

    Venus, I was compelled to quickly comment regarding your comment about AKB’ Basic and 10 inch looms. “I think the basics loom is the same as the 10-inch loom”.and your love of how they feel in your hand and ease of working with them . I really agree with you about the feel and ease. I suggest you also try the The Tadpole, and 10 inch as well. However I think you are wrong as to the comparison between the two, perhaps it was the tadpole snf I should have gotten into my looms to double check but, I believe the 10 inch has a huge difference from the basic and it isn’t accessories. Its an Adjustable loom. You can single knit or double knit and now that they recently added new peg sliders(sold in pairs) 1 or 2 peg sets – C2C 3/8″s gauge for the AIO and 10″ Board, You can single knit in the round as well. My AIO included a pair of 5 peg sliders when i purchased it (2016), that may have changed, They do still sell them separately, under accessories, along with sliders in the 7/16″ C2C gauge for 28″ Loom in 1, 2, or 6 peg sets.
    Now all this still has the chance for at least one other major difference in most of the AKB wooden looms. They recently SADLY, “Revamped” several of their products. I say sadly because I love what they did but not at the expense of discontinuing what they had and count myself lucky to have started my looming experience/purchases long ago.
    They have replaced the metal pins in several of the wood looms with a square shaped, with frontal groove, nylon peg. It is well made and I love it, But I didn’t even know about the metal pins or needles until I ordered a Tadpole, which also has another change in that it is longer than before which is neat, but it got to keep its metal needles (so far).
    After buying the adjustable hat loom, i got an AIO which came with the nylon pegs. I had read patterns and blogs, using the term pins and needles, metal. but didn’t think twice before my tadpole came. I thought I would hate it, because they were so small, my vision is not what it used to be, and there isn’t any ‘groove’ for my pick to find its way. [I love my cottage loom which uses metal cotter pins for ‘pegs’.] Now I love the pins as well, even in the tadpole which is not an adjustable loom, it does have that ‘feel right’ and easy to work with. My 28″ loom came with nylon pegs, I kept wondering if I should try one with the pins. I saw the 38″still had pins but ” Limited Supply ” kept showing up on the description of the 28 and 38 inch looms. Sadly before I could order one on line, it appears I missed out. I haven’t called AKB yet to find out if the metal pins have indeed gone the way of the dinosaurs. I just want to let you and any loomknit fans out there know that if you get the chance, indulge yourself and purchase one if you find it, Yardsale, Amazon, Ebay, your friends Grandmother, where ever it might be discovered. You may be thrilled with your Large Gauge Plastic Looms, I was and still am. I didn’t think I would like smaller gauge, other changes etc, But each change and difference has been different than I imagined. Knifty Knitters not gone but no longer made, Copies of them are being produced but don’t even compare with the originals. Now AKB sadly revamped some of their products rather than creating an additional option; to order with metal pins or nylon pegs. Perhaps a decision forced by business needs, to be reconsidered in the future under a stronger economy. Adding new lines of plastic looms, well made, less costly to the consumer as well as the manufacturer, helps both retailer, enthusiast, yarn sellers, weavers, and breeders of natural fiber producing animals and plants.
    Its just that as I have aged, 65 now but started crocheting with my grandmother at 8, The things that we think will be around ‘forever’, not only are they not around, there isnt always someone there to pick up the torch and carry on. A family business doesn’t always mean the next generation is all that interested in continuing the business.
    Nobel Knitters too. No longer in production. Everyone wants to retire eventually and enjoy life and family, Such is the case here.
    Last Oct I finally was able to fit a long over due purchase into my budget. Long on my wish list, I heard how amazing the Nobel knitters were. Heart broken when I saw only the Nobel 25 was available in limited number. No longer producing the 50 or 100. I was lucky and sent Marla an email inquiring was this temporary? Sadly it was not. Happily I was able to get my wish list filled with her help, but now that I have them[along with her amazing books, some of the best information I have read and I have a lot of publications, e-book and hard copy]
    I think of generations current and future that are missing out on this experience – I hope someone will consider calling her[email] and ‘pick up’ the Nobel Knitter torch. She has materials and equipment, specs etc.to continue the business.
    Now, thanks to “The Answer Lady”, Katheryn Doubrley, (theanswerlady.com)I want to add a KISS loom to my inventory/experience while they are still available.
    Thanks for letting me run on about this. Keep being creative, however you choose to express it. Share the creativity.

    I love all my Looms, Rakes, Boards, Dassenplanks (an offset type of double knit rake), (Nobel knitters, AKB looms, Wood & Plastic, Needle pins, Nylon Square pegs, Cotter pins, KK, CinDwood, Cottage, Boye, (even “Martha S”, ( badly made, good idea poorly executed) wood, plastic; single knit, double knit, Universal or S looms, (no sock looms only because of vision issues )- I just can’t seem to stop buying them, but truly the one thing every loom knitter should try is an adjustable loom. Your knitting world will explode with potential etc. I suggest AKB Adjustable Hat Loom as a very affordable first purchase, or the AKB (AIO) All In One Loom which you did a wonderful review on.


    1. Hi Melody! Thanks for stopping by. You are right, I’d mixed up the 32-peg loom and the 10″ loom. At first, I thought they were the same, but later saw that the 10″ is adjustable like the All-in-One. The 32-peg loom is sold in the basics kit or in the Skarf kits and on the KB website, you can buy it by itself. Sometimes the Skarf kits go on sale.

      I haven’t tried the tadpole loom. I did buy a sock loom with thin metal pins, but it is a different brand. I’m glad you’re enjoying your looms! Sounds like you have a nice collection. I just purchased the Knitting Board round loom set and the 28″ loom. I haven’t had a chance to try out the 28″ or my Super Afghan loom, but I love my other KB looms. I am a bit sad that they’ve stopped selling the Adjustable Hat loom, which was my first KB loom, though I love the round set and the All-in-One.


  3. Melody Marquez

    Seriously? No more adjustable Hat Loom From AKB? OMG. I can’t believe it – don’t even know what to say. If I could only have 1 loom – it would be in the top 3.[ glad i’m not restricted to 3} LOL
    I’m so Happy I had purchased 2 extra ones last year, intending to give as gifts, shifting priorities, one will still be a gift. They are as perfect an intro to loom knitting as The Original Knifty Knitter Set of the 4 Round Looms. I can only hope this is a temporary situation and AKB will surprise us with a new ” 21st century” version, made even better! I hope so, sad to loose another great loom at a time when people, [suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, and consumers] everywhere – globally – are all trying to keep a balance in our existence, financially. At this same time the Art of Loom knitting seems to be receiving greater exposure than I have ever seen in my 57 yrs of working with fibers.[ I still have my KK set I got for Xmas when I was 10] This awareness creating the curiosity, sparking our creativity & our interest in this almost lost art, exciting to see this interest encouraging others thru the almighty dollar to become suppliers etc. allowing us as enthusiasts better and more options in our passions easier to find materials & tools. I hate to think its finally catching on, on a much grander scale and see businesses/suppliers/products, disappearing. I’ve read about some looms, and loomers, that sounded worthy of my interest but I am unable to find online or otherwise. MarkhamFarm,(Sp?) the original DA Looms, Nobel Knitters, changes and discontinued product lines (AKB)etc. I love the plastic looms too cheap knock offs as well, but there is grand beauty in some of these other amazing looms, handmade / homemade or made in mass; natural wood or composite materials. My knowledge of these things is so small compared to what is out there. Not enough time in a lifetime so I just hope it all doesnt disappear – I have so many projects to try still and keep finding more. Keep up with yours, I dont know how you manage the time and an obvious love of the loom and life and sharing it with others [thank you] online even. I will look in on you from time to time [its not easy, no Internet at home]

    Congrats, on your NEW Looms, the adj. 10 inch [3/8 C2C) and your 28 inch board [7/16 C2C]!!! Are yours with metal pins or the Nylon pegs? My 28″ – is new style with nylon pegs. I love the pegs so easy to work with, strong well made.
    My 10″ board(s) [I have 3], The 1st [about 3-4 yrs ago]came with metal pins, It also is amazing and not difficult at all, as i thought it might be with my vision issues and “no ‘cotter pin’ groove” [ to help me find the square peg and get it in the correct hole….] i ordered another last year as a gift and it arrived with Nylon pegs.[surprise i must have ordered during web page revisions] well of course in order to ‘give’ the gift as intended, I had to order another to have both styles for myself. [[gad i don’t know when I became so self indulgent. Looms and yarn, have to admit there is very little control there and no organization at home. i think I need a yarn shed]]

    When you finally begin to ‘drift to the Double Knit side of things’ and start to really begin to play around, [if you haven’t already] don’t miss out on the peg sliders, that 28″ board becomes a great big Single Knit for Flat panel or In-the-Round. Also sliders for the 10″ and AIO, both have C2C 3/8″ so sliders are interchangeable.
    adding metal or nylon washers to refine or alter the gap between boards helps to refine a desired st/row per inch gauge thats difficult to match are found at the hardware store
    Take care, keep knitting – M


    1. Thank you. I have done some double knitting on my All-in-One loom and on the small basics loom. I really like double knitting as you get such a clean looking product at the end. The scarves I make look so neat and cozy. I haven’t tried my 28″ loom yet. I also got the rotating hat loom last year, but never played around with it. I’m a bit of an addict in that it’s so hard for me to say no to buying new looms. I own most of the KB looms now. I own so many looms, but I will probably end up getting more. I still haven’t tried CinDWood looms or Cottage Looms. If you’re looking for wooden looms, those are both good choices. Cottage Looms are all metal pins, though not always the really small metal pins and CinDWood has nylon pegs, I think, but they offer different colors. I’ve heard good things about their large blanket looms, but they make all different sizes of looms and they offer different gauges as well.

      My KB looms all have the nylon pegs rather than the older, metal ones. Though I did buy a Loops & Threads sock loom that has metal pegs, but I haven’t tried making adult socks yet. I did try making a baby bootie with the KB Baby Knit looms and got most of it done and then I made some mistakes and unraveled it. I have to go back at some point and try again to do the baby booties. It’s good practice for once I try making the socks as the instructions teach you to make a heel.

      I have a lot of fun with loom knitting. Things are picking up at work, so I might be a bit more sporadic with posting the next couple months, but I love being able to share my loom knitting journey and I enjoy seeing what others create with their looms. I’m a member of a couple of loom knitting groups on facebook and they are pretty active so every day people are posting new projects they’ve made on their looms.


  4. Melody

    I know what you mean about being busy.
    My quick comment today is definitely cottage looms, I have one round one. I don’ take it with me when im busy because it is a bit heavier, as it is made of a beautiful wood. I don’t know what kind but it just feels amazing – beautiful grain, 48 metal cotter pins-it is the size of the old KK loom but the gauge is not exactly the same as the pin/peg diameter difference. I also just got another one that I haven’t had time to try yet, An adjustable double knit rake, 100 pins per board I think but I had the option of smaller pins, so I went for it – they look a bit like smaller shorter hair pins. They also have it with the cotter pins, but the exciting thing with this one is that like the Nobel knitters, it has a pair of holes at each end. for the bolts etc that hold the spacers and boards all firmly and safely together. well it allows it to be used just like the AKB AIO boards and others, but the extra hole allows it to be connected in an offset manor. The pegs line up differently. Like a dassenplank rake. I don’t know exactly how much that offset will affect the fabric produced but I’m excited to try it.And I want to try off setting the pins and use it as a single rake using the second board like the pins in a KISS loom. If you are familiar. check out the answer lady web site. They have a great loom tool as well. More like the dental picks. very sharp.
    And CinDwood I only have round hat looms but they are great too. Not as heavy as they are made of MDF a wood composite material. Very sturdy and the pegs are easy to work with, a good groove in the peg. The top of the peg is just as it appears. a round flat head. It is smooth nothing to get your loops hung up on or cause to split the fibers. Very easy to knit over with another super loom tool [dental pick style] Also the pegs are not removable, but they are not so ridged that you worry about them breaking when your tension may have gotten a bit tighter than it should have. They yield just enough and still feel well made. Their selection is amazing and still growing. They have excellent customer service, easy to reach by phone or internet.
    Take care – Melody


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